Chrome Delete: The Atlanta Way

Is your vehicle flaunting chrome details that clash with your style? Atlanta Wraps presents the ideal solution: Trim Chrome Delete. Swift, simple, and transformative, these wraps redefine your vehicle’s aesthetics in minutes. 

Decoding Chrome Delete

In essence, a chrome delete is a vinyl wrap designed to conceal or “delete” the chrome trim, a favorite of many car manufacturers for window surrounds, grilles, and more. While some are on a quest to add more chrome, a significant number have transitioned to embrace 21st-century aesthetics.

Simply put, chrome trim on popular brands like Honda, Ford, or Toyota aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The majority are on the hunt for a subtler style, devoid of the glaring, reflective chrome. This is where Atlanta Wraps chrome delete services come in handy.

When it comes to “de-chroming”, Matte Black and Gloss Black are the go-to choices. They seamlessly compliment vehicles with factory black paint, delivering that coveted “murdered-out” or blackout appearance. But even if your vehicle isn’t black, Matte Black or 3M™ Series 2080 Satin Black films can offer a near-original look. These vinyl wraps emulate the rubberized trim aesthetics that Gloss Black vinyl fails to capture.

While PlastiDip is an alternative, it’s often messier and lacks the durability of vinyl.


Why Opt for Atlanta Chrome Delete?

Atlanta Wraps chrome delete caters to diverse aesthetic preferences. For black vehicles, these wraps perfect the sleek, blacked-out allure. They accentuate the vehicle’s body lines, shape, and color depth, offering a contemporary touch. Whether you’re a fan of gloss, satin, or matte finishes, Atlanta Chrome Delete is your answer to vehicle enhancement.


Vinyl Wrap vs. Plasti-Dip

For chrome delete, Atlanta Wraps recommends either 3M™ or Avery Dennison™. They stand out for their durability, neatness, and efficacy. Their swift application ensures a polished look. Here’s why these wraps are superior:

3M™ and Avery Dennison™ with Atlanta Wraps Expertise
3M™ and Avery Dennison™ Vinyl Wrap, when applied by Atlanta Wraps, guarantees perfection. These wraps, made of superior dual-cast vinyl, ensure a flawless, bubble-free finish. With a variety of finishes available, your chrome delete will be the talk of the town.


Rust-Oleum Peel Coat Matte Black
(Peel Coat)


Plasti-Dip: An Overview

Plasti-Dip, an air-dry rubberized coating, is another option. However, its application can be messy and less durable than vinyl wraps. Vinyl’s resilience makes it a favorite in various industries. Plasti-Dip, on the other hand, requires additional protective coatings and is susceptible to environmental factors.

For a glossy or metallic finish, vinyl is unbeatable. Thus, for chrome delete projects, Atlanta Wraps recommends vinyl wraps for their ease of application, superior durability, and longevity.

Common Trim to Chrome Delete

Chrome delete wraps can be used for a variety of areas on your vehicles, and you can find them in a wide range of colors to match or complement the color of your vehicle’s body.

  • Window Trim: A common trim piece that is the first to be “deleted” is the chrome trim around auto glass, windows and windshields. Manufacturers  now offer “blackline” or “black-out” packages that include gloss black trim for an add-on premium charge upwards of $1,200 

  • Grille: Chrome grilles can be a little over the top for the average passenger vehicle. So chrome delete wraps can help you create a more refined and understand look that matches your everyday driving. 
  • Mirrors and Roof Racks: Automakers are finding new places to add their beloved chrome to vehicles. Mirrors and roof racks are often subject to this practice of “chromification”

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